Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horror-Thon 2009 LIST

Just got back from the Exhumed Films’ 24-hour Horror-Thon. It was wonderful. The films (and their clues) were:

1. Creepshow (1982) – HINT: “Beloved (by some!) horror/monster movie directed by a genre favorite.”

2. Godzilla on Monster Island (1972) – HINT: “Giant monster movie.”

3. The Fly (1986) – HINT: “Science-fiction/horror modern classic* (*assuming a movie made nearly 25 years ago can still be considered ‘modern’)”

4. The Oblong Box (1969) – HINT: “‘Old School’ Gothic horror starring two genre favorites.”

5. Friday the 13th:  The Final Chapter (1984) – HINT: “Slasher sequel that many people enjoy in spite of (or perhaps because of) its utter stupidity.”

6. Raw Force (1982) – HINT: “Definitely one of the weirdest, most gratuitous, bat-shit craziest films of the evening, if not of all time.”

7. The Next Victim/The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971) – HINT: “Stunning giallo from a master of the genre. No, not that one…”

NOTE: I got a little confused about this one, because I knew that I had seen it, but also knew that I had never seen a film by the name “The Next Victim.” It’s also called The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh, and Martino’s film Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972) is a reference to the note in this one. Now it all makes sense.

8. City of the Walking Dead (1980) – HINT: “Sleazy, absurdist zombie movie guilty pleasure.”

9. Hercules in the Haunted World (1961) – HINT: “Verily! A sword-and-sandal epic unmatched in the annals of time!”

10. Trauma/Exposé/The House on Straw Hill (1976) -HINT: “Rarely screened thriller that is dark, brutal, and generally unpleasant. Starring a genre favorite.”

11. Lady Terminator (1988) – HINT: “Okay, remember how insane Movie #6 was? And how you thought nothing could make less sense, or be more entertaining? Well, this movie may just have movie #6 beat on all counts. Seriously, poke that guy sitting next to you and wake his ass up. He’s not going to want to miss this.”

12. The Children (1980) – HINT: “Nifty, creepy, and fun little horror movie starring just about every genre favorite ever.”

13. Piranha (1978) – HINT: Enjoyable “animals attack” film starring just about every genre favorite ever.”

14. Re-Animator (1985) – HINT: “Wow, what a surprise…the Horror-Thon ends with yet another zombie flick. Oh Exhumed Films, you are so predictable…”

Posts on individual films, shorts, and the Horror-Thon in general coming shortly, after I take a much-needed shower. I will say in advance that Exhumed Films put together a fantastic set, and that the people who came out for it were fun, completely non-obnoxious, and in general not like the dudes singled out at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors in 1985.

EDIT: Posts actually won’t happen until tomorrow because I’m really much too sleepy to do anything besides drift off to sleep while watching Bride of Re-Animator.


~ by Anne Harding on October 25, 2009.

7 Responses to “Exhumed Films 24-Hour Horror-Thon 2009 LIST”

  1. Both of the other names for Trauma make so much more sense.

  2. thanks for the recap anne. sadly i wasn’t able to make it this year and it was a heck of a lineup. “strange vice” would have been the standout for me…i can never get enough giallo.

  3. thanx
    منتدى العروس

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  5. […] not referring to their choice of film fare, which is like Christmas come early. I am referring to the 24 hours of it. Watching 14 full length films with a smattering of shorts […]

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