15. Shutter (2004)

shutter-2004-poster_asian_horror_movie-350x495I was really looking forward to Shutter (2004), because I had seen the so-so American remake with Joshua Jackson and while I didn’t necessarily enjoy it, I thought that the general premise was good. Additionally, most of the reviews I’d read for the original Thai film were great.

Well, I certainly didn’t find it great. Sadly, I think that it could have been a film that I really enjoyed had I not seen the remake first, but unfortunately it just wasn’t good enough that my preexisting knowledge of the story (and plot twists) was overshadowed by its merits. I also tend to find “vengeful ghost of a woman who died in a tragic way” movies generally boring, as discussed in my post on Noroi. The only movie in that vein that I can think of that I really enjoy is A Tale of Two Sisters (Jangwha, Hongryeon), and that doesn’t even follow the standard formula.

So, nothing interesting to say on this one, as I don’t want to waste time writing about films that don’t have funny things in them when I could be watching movies or writing about things that I did like.

Here is a good screencap though:

RAAAAHHH! I am a ghost, by the way.

RAAAAHHH! I am a ghost, by the way.


~ by Anne Harding on October 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “15. Shutter (2004)”

  1. I agree, for some reason this movie didn’t really grab my attention; it was too easy to determine where I was meant to be grabbed.

  2. That ghost doesn’t even look very scary.

  3. omg, a tale of two sisters: SO FUCKED UP

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