10. Zombieland (2009)

zombielandShort post on Zombieland because you can see it in theaters still easily and/or read any number of reviews.

You can read a summary on imdb. Or, if you have seen the trailer, you basically know all there is to know about it already.

What I will say is very spoiler heavy:

The scene that takes place in Bill Murray’s house is amazing. Basically, Woody Harrelson is trekking with three other people to California and really wants to find a Twinkie, so he goes to Bill Murray’s house, and Bill Murray is alive and not a zombie, so they hang out and do Bill Murray things. At one point, Woody + Bill have proton packs on and are shooting at a chandelier and Emma Stone does a hilarious Annie Potts/Janine Melnitz impression. And you know how I feel about that.

Unfortunately Bill Murray pretends to be a zombie to scare the nerdy boy and he shoots him and kills him.

That actually may be my favorite scene viewed in theaters this year.

Overall thoughts on Zombieland: I liked it a lot. In terms of zombie comedies, I didn’t think it was quite up there with Shaun of the Dead for most of it, but the Bill Murray portion of the film trumps anything in Shaun of the Dead, and may in fact trump anything in film ever. It’s very different from Return of the Living Dead so I don’t think it’s relevant to really compare them based on their status as zombie comedies.

Today I was getting scary and threatening phone calls at work. I always thought that knowing so much about horror movies would help me in situations like this, but in fact it just made me think



So, I am safe at home now, but I will not be watching Black Christmas or When a Stranger Calls tonight.


~ by Anne Harding on October 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “10. Zombieland (2009)”

  1. it was a great movie but does the four of them always have to live can one person not die at least once…….at least dawn of the dead killed of all of there charcter and left us with a cliff hanger

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