8. Night of the Demons (1988)

204365.1020.APretty much every film I’d watched so far was above average in quality, so I went out of my way to watch something that would be bad, but hopefully a lot of fun as well. My little sister and her friend wanted to watch something with me, and we all agreed that Night of the Demons (1988) sounded perfect.

The first twenty minutes of this film were AMAZING in terms of cheese-tastic acting and hilarious script. Unfortunately, once people start turning into demons and the scary part starts, everything goes rapidly downhill. However, the first part is golden, due to a fantastic ensemble cast. There are lots of images in this post, because sometimes it is impossible to describe in words alone. Also, there is some ADULT CONTENT, FYI.

Judy in Wonderland

Judy in Wonderland

Our heroine is Judy, a teen girl going on a first date with a boy named Jay. We know in the first five minutes that she is not going to die, because she a) helps an old grumpy man, b) is late coming home because she got caught up helping out the homeless c) feels like things are going too fast when Jay lays down some hot and heavy closed-mouth kissing on her, and d) owns the frumpiest Alice in Wonderland costume ever made.

Her life is hard, because she lives with a mom who makes seriously untasty snacks, and a little brother who is way overly fixated on her breasts. His awareness of them is so heightened that he talks about them all the time. At one point, this happens:

"Here I am, looking at myself in the mirror wearing a bra, and now I am going to open the closet."

"Here I am, looking at myself in the mirror wearing a bra, and now I am going to open the closet."

Then, she opens the closet, and her brother pops out and says:

"Bodacious boobies, sis! If you keep that going you'll have to hire someone to tie your shoes!"

"Bodacious boobies, sis! If you keep that going you'll have to hire someone to tie your shoes!"

That is an actual scene, I could not make this up.

"School dances are for nerrrrds."

"School dances are for nerrrrds."

Judy and Jay were going to go to a Halloween dance, but Jay calls her and tells her that “the school dance is for nerrrrrrds,” which he says just like that. He thinks it is a much better idea to go to a “real party,” which is code for “ten people who would never be friends in the real world hanging out in a demon-infested abandoned funeral parlor in the middle of nowhere.”

The party is being given by Angela, who we are told is really into witchcraft and Halloween, and her friend Suzanne, a boy-crazy Little Bo Peep (maybe?) who has a deep and troubling obsession with putting on lipstick (this becomes a significant plot point later in the film).

Angela, the weird girl from history class

Angela, the weird girl from history class

Suzanne is played by Linnea Quigley, and after seeing this film, I might have to declare her one of the Top 10 horror actresses ever, or at least most hilarious horror actresses ever. I don’t know why she wasn’t on my radar before; looking at her imdb page, I realized that she played Trash in Return of the Living Dead (the one who does the awesome naked dance in the cemetery), so how she wasn’t already on my best horror actress list is beyond me.

We are introduced to her with this shot:



This is a technique she uses in this film both to distract men so that Angela can shoplift things for the party, and then later as a mating technique while dancing. In both cases, it works perfectly, completely hypnotizing men in the area. Maybe I should look into trying that sometime.



Competing for Judy’s affection is Sal Romero, who is a funny caricature of an Italian-American male from New York. I am not sure how he exists in this movie, as they live in an area where historically there were Native Americans who made teepees out of intestines and shit, so I’m pretty sure they are many hundreds of miles away from anywhere he might be from. It might be that this was just the direction that the actor decided to take his character in (a bold choice), I don’t know. Sal went on one date with Judy, which apparently everyone at school takes to mean that she is a slut, which ends up being the only reason Jay wanted to go out with her in the first place. What a dick! I don’t know why one date with Sal = slut, maybe it is some weird hypnotic thing he does with his funny accent, similar to Suzanne’s butt-in-the-face technique.

Stooge is a huge asshole, who everyone agrees is fat, stupid and mean (he often shouts things like “SHUT UP AND DRIVE, BITCH!”), but they invite him anyway. He drives to the party with some boring girl and Rodger, who is dressed as a pirate and gets scared really easily:

Some girl, Rodger, and Stooge

Some girl, Rodger, and Stooge

Also there is a guy who knows a lot about history who is dressed as a doctor and his girlfriend wears a cute Peter Pan outfit.

They get to the party and we learn about how there is water surrounding the funeral parlor and something about a wall and how evil spirits can’t cross it. The party is pretty boring at first, but then someone brings out a strobe light and they go totally apeshit over it.

The acting in the film up to this point, along with the characters themselves, make for one of the greatest horror films ever. However, then demons start possessing people, people run around and get scared and die, and there are only a few good scenes after that. Oh, but what scenes they are!

First is a legitimately good scene, in which Angela gets possessed and does a great dance to Bauhaus’ Stigmata Martyr.

When Suzanne becomes possessed by a demon, she becomes even more obsessed with lipstick, and draws a heart on her face with it, and then rips off her shirt, and draws on her chest with it, and then shoves it into her boob. No, really, like, her boob devours the lipstick. I would love to post a screencap of it, but I am afraid that in a few years when I am looking for a job that someone will google my name and a picture of Linnea Quigley shoving a tube of lipstick into a naked breast is what will come up, and that is probably not going to be good. So here is a picture of her immediately before she does that instead:

pre-lipstick boob

pre-lipstick boob

In the end, everyone gets turned into demons, except for the doctor guy and his girlfriend who get turned into zombies and for Rodger and Judy who escape after running around a lot and jumping out of windows a bunch of times and hiding in a basement, where Rodger says they have to pray. He actually says “My daddy taught me to pray real good.”

You should definitely watch this movie, especially as you can do it on Youtube. Just skip the scary parts, and watch out for boobs.

Scariness and scary parts: 2/10

Linnea Quigley: 10/10

Level of interest in main character: 3/10

Soundtrack: 8/10

Overall Anne rating: ~5.8


~ by Anne Harding on October 4, 2009.

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  1. Definitly try the ass in face technique, it works wonders for me when I use it 🙂

  2. I love this movie nothing beats the original especially here and hey Im all into going to a party with Angela the demonic queen from hell but hey she throws one hell of a party lol

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    I the new user.
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